On 6 June 2014, ICANN published a Process to Develop the Proposal and Next Steps that is the culmination of a series of community discussions and input into the process to develop a proposal to transition stewardship of the IANA functions to the global multistakeholder community. The document reflects the multitude of views expressed in different fora and calls for the establishment of, among other things, a Coordination Group.

The IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG) is comprised of 30 individuals representing 13 communities, and includes direct and indirect stakeholders.

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ICG Links Index:

  • Group Members: List of ICG members and information on the respective community nomination processes
  • Meet the ICG: Bios, headshots and video interviews of the ICG members
  • Documents: Compiles ICG-created Charter, Request for Transition Proposals, statements and documents
  • Archives: Includes past and future conference call and meeting dates/times, agendas, recordings, transcripts and minutes
  • Correspondence: Posted documents