The public comment period for the IANA IPR Agreements is now closed.

A call for public comment has begun to seek community input on three agreements concerning intellectual property rights (IPR) related to the IANA stewardship transition:

  • IANA IPR Assignment Agreement [PDF,110KB | DOCX, 48KB]
  • IANA IPR License Agreement [PDF, 463KB | DOCX, 63KB]
  • IANA IPR Community Agreement [PDF, 223KB | DOCX, 53KB]

Comments are due by the deadline of September 12, 2016 at 23:59 UTC. Comments should be submitted via email to [email protected]. Commenters should clearly reference to which of the agreement(s) their comments apply.

The ICG web site is being used as a neutral site to host this call for public comment, but the agreements are not a product of the ICG.

The public comment page has more information.